What Happened to Anglo-Celtic Acid Jazz?

We simplified. Beds and beats were too cumbersome to reproduce live. We decided to play to our strengths.

 What Do You Do Now?

We play Irish Traditional Dance Music, very much like you might hear live from other artists. We choose to play electric so we can actually play quieter. Vintage and modern tube amps clarify our sound without the stray noise and extra effort of acoustic instruments. We start out soft. You can always ask for more volume.

So Where Can We Hear You?

We’re working on producing a recording more consistent with our live presentation. We’re dressing up material and sneaking up on a new EP sometime in 2015. As always, you’ll be able to download it here, free of charge under the creative commons license.


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The Fiddler's Rig

1958 Gibson GA-8 Gibsonette 5 Watt Amplifier
Jordan Electric Violin
Dr. Scientist Mini-Reverberator
tc electronics polytune stompbox chromatic tuner

The Guitarist's Rig

Ibanez Artcore AFS75T -TRD Guitar

Line 6 SpiderValve 112 40 Watt Tube Amp

Line 6 FBV Shortboard MkII Controller